Spy for a spy: Germany to monitor US, UK agents

Reuters / Paul Hackett

Reuters / Paul Hackett

Germany will monitor US and UK agents as part of its long discussed counter-espionage ’360 degree view’ plan, shifting its focus from China, Russia, and Iran, according to local media.

Two unnamed sources confirmed to Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper that Merkel’s chief of staff, Peter Altmaier, gave a green light for the step after negotiations with interior and foreign ministers.

According to the paper, the ’360 degree view’ program gives Germany the ability to spy on American and British agents stationed in Germany, while shifting its focus away from previous targets which included Russian, Chinese, and Iranian agents.

The plan to monitor American and British agents was developed in response to the NSA spying revelations. However, the federal government hesitated to implement it, mainly for fear of conflict with the United States, the paper reported.

“Now we need a strong signal,” the paper quoted a source familiar with the move as saying.

The scope and depth of the new intelligence measures have not yet been revealed.

One of the issues currently being discussed is whether or not to eavesdrop on the communications of embassies and consulates. No further details were revealed by the government sources.

The move comes as the level of distrust between …read more