FCC denies plans to kill net neutrality

U.S. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler (Reuters / Gary Cameron)

U.S. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler (Reuters / Gary Cameron)

The chairman of the United States Federal Communications Commission is attempting to refute recent reports that suggest that the FCC is on track to terminate the basic principle of net neutrality.

News articles first emerged on Wednesday evening this week indicating that a draft FCC document includes new rules that would allow Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, to give preferential treatment to content producers willing to pay more money for better access to consumers.

If true, the rule would go against the fundamentals of net neutrality and reportedly open the door for major ISPs like Verizon and Comcast to give bandwidth-hogging business, such as Skype or Netflix, better access to customers at a higher price.

Tom Wheeler, a former cable industry lobbyist-turned-FCC chairman, wrote on the agency’s official blog on Thursday that those latest reports are brimming with “a great deal of misinformation” that will be clarified later in the day when the draft Open Internet Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in question is officially circulated among the commission.

Wheeler gave no indication of when the FCC will release those proposed rules to the public, however, but in his latest …read more